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Life Priorities --
#1: Father
#2: Husband
#3: What ever the heck I happen to be doing for a living.

I have been a practicing Wiccan since 1991 and also study ceremonial magick and occult history. I have a strong interest in the environment and ecology and enjoy spending as much time as possible out in natural settings. My wife and I are also very into ghost hunting and crypto-zoology. We are also very into various arts and crafts and I make various things with hemp jewelery cord such as cigarette cases, cell phone holders, ipod cases, and bags. I joined livejournal in an effort to condense down my other profile sites so that I only have this and my myspace page to keep up with. I have been practicing taiji (t'ai chi) since Sept of '08 and that has become a major part of my life.

Blessed Be